Is ‘bitterwood’ one word or two?

I went back to work yesterday. The mounds of snow that fell on Lincoln (and the rest of NE) are melting. Too bad, because some industrious folks have made some beautiful creations with their snow, elaborate artforms beyond a simple snowman.

Yesterday I received a break from translating e-mails when I was assigned the translation of a chart, fifty-something pages in length. It’s bizarre but I love this kind of project. Time-consuming, requiring research, lengthy, unexplainable to outsiders.

Without revealing unnecessary details, some issues came up during my work:

  • Do you spell bitterwood as one word or two? Trust me, it makes a difference.
  • There’s no such thing as ácido peráctico, is there?
  • How many terms are out there for quassia?

I have also been checking my profile at They are implementing some changes for spring. I am not sure yet whether I like them.

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