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Swearing-in and more righteous indignation

January 29, 2008

On Friday, I attended the swearing-in ceremony of Nebraska’s newest certified interpreter, Alex Perez. It was a joyous occasion, and I am not saying this just because all the of the certified interpreters (myself included) got a certificate honoring their contributions.

On Sunday, I was still giddy from the whole experience, when I read the Sunday edition of the Lincoln Journal-Star.  And more importantly, the letters to the editor. And my giddiness vaporized at reading one of that day’s letters from a reader who is appalled that legal forms are being translated into Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese (scroll down to the letter titled “Translations violate rules”).

But this time, I found a proper use to my righteous indignation. I wrote a heartfelt letter to the editor myself. On Monday, I got a call from somebody over at the S-J, who wanted to verify the spelling of my name.

Now, perhaps my rant was nothing but “sound and fury signifying nothing”. But I think I had a point. Let’s see if it sees the light of day.