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My rules for a good translation blog

December 27, 2008

This was going to be a post about a certain translation blog I stumbled upon. So that I would have something worthwhile to say (seriously, what kind of post would it be if all it said was “Cool!” ? Even worse, spelled “Kewl!” and/or with a few extra exclamation points?),  I tried doing an Internet search on this blog.  It turned out to be from a translation company. Not an individual freelancer, mind you. A full-fledged company.

And in retrospect, the blog didn’t meet two of my no-so-strict standards.

  1. Post every once in a while: I can’t criticize anybody for not posting everyday – I don’t. If I did, my own posts would go something like this:January 2: I am a translator with a day job. Those two keep me busy. On occasion, I do housework and motherly/wifely things.

    January 3: The same thing as January 2.

    January 4
    : Pretty much the same as January 3.

    If I manage to put in a couple of posts per month, I think I am doing well. But seriously, more than two months between posting? It’s an afterthought blog. Not worth my time.

  2. Be interesting to at least somebody. Interesting is a very subjective term. Are you all that interested in the posts tagged “Conversations” that I write? Perhaps not. They are written to represent a slice of my life as a translator, as in, what happens when I encounter other people who are not translators. Then again, they might give you a little chuckle and make you nod your head and say, “Been there!” Likewise, I don’t necessarily find the blogs about SDL TRADOS tips to be all that fascinating, but you know what? Somebody is going nuts trying to make their expensive software work and will be delighted.

That’s pretty much all I ask of a blog. Put some thought into it, and be of interest to somebody.

Look what I found: Another translator’s blog

September 18, 2008

I was curious as to my blog’s visitors (both of you hold a warm place in my heart), and somehow landed on Jill Sommer’s blog, Musings from an Overworked Translator.

Why I recommend: it contains a good mix of practical and entertaining content. You can justify visits to this blog because you are bound to find something actually beneficial (such as her post on 10 top rules for working from home). And because it offers glimpses into her life outside of translation. Well-rounded individuals make for better translators, don’t you think?

Edited to reflect the actual title of the blog. Thanks, Jill.

It takes so little to make me happy

June 14, 2007

Céline Graciet, of Naked Translations, listed my humble blog among a list of translators’ blogs she has become aware of in her June 13, 2007 post.

 All I can say is, Merci!

Change of address

January 28, 2007

As of yesterday, I have started to blog at WordPress. Any future writing can be found at

¡Hasta luego!

Mariela Eula’s blog

August 28, 2006

Check out Mariela Eula’s blog for posts about how to become a translator, pitfalls to avoid, etc.

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EDITED: 8/3/08 to update URL

Multi-lingual websites

June 19, 2006

Check Céline’s post in Naked Translations about multi-lingual websites.

Madam Mayo has a blog!

April 25, 2006

In my March 10 post, I mentioned the work of writer/literary translator C.M. Mayo.

Somehow, she found my own blog. She sent me a nice note and has kept me updated about her work.

She now has her own blog: Madam Mayo. I recommend it to all of those both interested in literature and translation.

Una traduttrice

April 21, 2006

Thanks to one of a visitor who left a comment on my previous post, I found another translator blog.

Una traduttrice (A Translator) is an Italian-language blog.

Mind you, Italian is not one of the languages I speak. However, Italian and Spanish are similar enough that I could figure out the gist of Chiara’s posts. If you read Italian or don’t mind using one of those Web translators, check it out.

Kick your dictionary

February 12, 2006

Thanks to the Las palabras son pistolas cargadas blog, I found another Spanish-language blog of interest called Patada al diccionario (literally, “A kick to the dictionary), a Spanish-language site about crimes committed against the Spanish language.

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Translation Notes (another blog)

January 20, 2006

Are you bilingual? Legal translator (EN-SP-FR-PORT) Julio Angel Juncal has twin blogs in English and Spanish.

I must specify how I found it. I was searching for other translators’ blogs, and I came across his. I looked at it, said to myself, “cool”, posted a comment about a reference book, and moved on.

Flash-forward. Just to amuse myself, I did another search on “jo-hanna” to see what I would find. Lo and behold, I found that not only did he reply to my comment, he wrote a post (in Spanish) about it.

I am famous! OK, I need perspective. Just a little (very little) famous.