About Jo-Hanna

Jo-Hanna is a translator/interpreter/staff member at a government agency that Shall Go Nameless (a.k.a, the SGN agency). She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and now lives in the state of Nebraska. She also has a family (the husband and the daughter, the in-laws in Nebraska, her parents and 2 siblings in Puerto Rico, the other sibling in Florida). She is certified to do court interpreting by the Supreme Court of the State of Nebraska.

In her spare time, she knits, crochets, and tries to trick people into buying the stuff she sells at Etsy.

5 Responses to “About Jo-Hanna”

  1. Brandon Davis Says:

    Hola Jo-Hanna,
    I am looking for a “traductor público” to translate my transcripts from my Nebraska Institution into Spanish for my study abroad application. Normally I would do this with the help of my professor but they specifically want it done by a “traductor público”. I have no idea what this is, if they have a special certificate or stamp or something but I thought that since you are a translator you may be able to help. I found your blog by searching “translator lincoln ne” in google and read that you did freelance work once in awhile. Thanks for your time.


  2. Erika Says:

    Hi there!
    I am a university student looking to discuss translating as a career with someone. I wonder if you may be able to find the time? I can compensate you, via Paypal.

  3. céline Says:

    Hi Jo-Hanna, can you email me? I may have a bit of work for you.

  4. Tasha Says:

    Hey Jo-Hanna.
    I’m interested in pursuing a career in translating. I have a french mother and an english father therefore I am fluent in French and English. What would be my next steps?? Would it be wise to learn more languages?? Please keep me updated in my email, Thank you muchly

  5. Alejandra Says:

    Hi Jill,
    My name is Alejandra.I just currently finished my bachelor degree in Modern Languages at the University of Puerto Rico and was searching & looking for info and ideas on what to do next with my life! And came across with the idea of becoming a translator and interpreter. Was wondering if you could give me some good pointers on what to expect, or how to even start. I applied at the University in PR but unfortunately the program its too small and didn’t get in since i submitted the paperwork the day after the deadline; wouldn’t even me consider and already had the quorum for the students. But i did get in contact with a translation company here in PR and i’ve been taking a practice course in interpretation. But i would love to get certified and do a Masters & Doctorate. But need some guidance to where to look, search, or go. I did a research online and read a little about Monterrey Institute. But still don’t really know what to look for or where to look for specially in master’s programs. Particularly since i’ve met a lot of translators that didn’t necessary got a MA in translating. Some other people had told me that i could get certified without getting a degree. But don’t know where to go or look for this information either. Anyway was hoping if you could point me in the right direction, or if someone else reads this post and can give pointers i would appreciate it!!!
    OHH!! And of course since i’m from PR, my focus would be spanish & english translation. Considering i also graduated from Modern Languages i also know French, Italian & Portuguese. If there is any program that someone can recommend or people that translates in this languages and can tell me how to start would be fantastic!!

    Thank you in advanced!
    A student lost in translation :/

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