Open letter to the Universe…

Dear Universe:

Thank you for sending so much work my way a few months ago. Thank you also for the quiet time to get caught up in the business of daily life.

If you feel like throwing work in my direction again, it would be welcome. Nothing too fancy, but not too disgusting. I am not desperate yet.

Sincerely, Jo-Hanna

One Response to “Open letter to the Universe…”

  1. Nancy Castro Says:

    I love this place! I’ve been coming here for a long time now and the service has been good and the food has
    been what I ordered. The only compliant was they burnt the biscuits on my last visit lol
    not terrible but it was too burnt for my taste.
    I prefer soft golden biscuits not dark brown ones lol but other
    than that this place is wonderful snd can’t beat the all you can eat shrimp going on right now.
    Love it! The Tennessee hot is perfect!

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