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Availability of bilingual information on autism

June 17, 2009

For Latino parents, raising autistic child has complex barriers

As a both Puerto Rican and the mother of an autistic child, I could relate. At least both my husband and I do not have to cope with a language barrier when looking up information, speaking to my daughter’s teachers and doctors, or signing her up for services. The article linked above describes the struggle of a Puerto Rican family residing in the US in finding services for their daughter, who is autistic.

Some of the comments, of course, made my blood boil.  One stated that the mother, who according to the article, doesn’t speak English, was just creating obstacles for her daughter. However, the father saw fit to respond Note: spelling and grammar are true to the original:

This article was directed mostly to people whom are at the  begining stages of finding there child has the condition. Latino parents just recently immagrating to the USA and have  children with autism should make it a priority to learn the English but inthe mean time there children should’nt have to go on with out help. We have our share of hard time much like any other families with autistic children. As a latino I and know how hard it could be at the begining I hope we can help latino families with there obsticles. This is why i agree to do this interview.

I couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself.