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What I learned at the MICATA conference…

April 4, 2009

I have been asked to provide the insights gained from the MICATA conference I attended two weeks ago. I am sure you expect something more coherent than “It was AWESOME!” Please keep in mind that I am working from memory and not a program.

I attended a conference on CAT software, which didn’t teach me much I didn’t already know, and another where I picked up some tips on TRADOS. Despite a few years using that sucker, there was one function I was completely unaware existed. I’ll spare myself some embarrassment and refrain from disclosing.

There were other sessions that were quite interesting, such as working with agencies and issues in medical/legal interpreting. After the lunch (quite good, actually, despite the presence of decaf coffee), I attended a session on technology. I was tempted to call it “All the Gadgets that Would Make Your Interpreting Career More Profitable (If You Could Afford Them!)” Apparently, in addition to the basic computer and cell phone, you need a GPS device. And your cell phone should be a SmartPhone. While the lecturer enumerated the advantage of a SmartPhone (you could, for instance, take a picture of a text, e-mail it to yourself, and start working right then and there!), electronic dictionaries, I could not help but think about two things:

  • My cell phone at the time didn’t even work all that well. I had functioned for months without the camera function, but the display had gone blank.  It has been upgraded by now, thanks for asking.
  • If I had been a little smarter, I would have brought that piece of primitive technology known as a legal pad so I could take notes.