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Hibernation is over

February 8, 2009

I haven’t done much translation work in the past month. The Pantsuit of Justice (c)  ALMOST made its appearance when I was offered an assignment that I was able to accept.  Unfortunately, a few days before it was to take place, it got canceled. I was also approached by a potential client, but so far, as of this date, nothing has materialized.

During this hiatus, I have taken the time to focus on some of my interests that are not related to translation (hint: Ravelry). I have also realized that apparently, perfectly sane people above the age of 21 are on Facebook. My dad! My brother! Former high school classmates! That kid who lived next door! I am sure it could be used for translation-related networking there, but I am not there yet.

However, my sabbatical is about to come to an end. I am currently working on a couple of projects. While it took me a while to get started, it feels like I never stopped.