My mom wonders as to payment practices

The usual disclaimer applies to this conversation.

Scene: My usual weekly conversation with my beloved Mami, who calls me every week to check on things:

Mami: So, have they given you any trabajito [little job]?

Me: No, just the Major Group Project? But the people from this agency sent me a payment through PayPal.

Mami: What’s that?

Me: [at a complete loss as to how to explain the concept of Paypal] Uh, well, they send money electronically.

Mami: Why can’t they send a check?

Me: Um, most of my clients do, but other clients prefer to send payments electronically.

Mami: That is kind of weird. I love you!


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One Response to “My mom wonders as to payment practices”

  1. Judy Jenner Says:

    Sounds like my mami, who fought and resisted when we gave her a basic internet connection for Christmas. Now she can’t live without it. However, she still doesn’t understand that we have a website and a blog that she can visit and forget instant messaging — that concept is completely foreign. Maybe that’s a good thing that she is not that technologically savvy yet — she lives in Europe and I live in Las Vegas; I wouldn’t get any work done if she were on IM! As for PayPal, whew, I can’t even begin to explain it in order to fit into her limited techie-world, but you did a fine job at summarizing the concept for her. Your conversations sound a lot like my transatlantic conversations…

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