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Desperate times call for desperate measures

September 19, 2008

I have a tendency to misplace things.

So, far, this year, I have managed to misplace/permanently lose:

  • keys
  • cell phone
  • earrings
  • cash (OUCH)
  • my Preferred Customer card from a local coffeehouse
  • socks (mine, my daughter’s, my husband’s)
  • shoes
  • too many others

One of my most lamented losses includes my nift flash drive/pen. Somehow, I managed to make it to 35+ without owning one. However, during the most recent phase, I realized I needed to get one. At a nearby store, I purchased a combination pen/flash drive. I wasn’t impressed with the writing quality of the pen part, but it kept the data storage part safe. The drive allowed me to do quick exchanges of data with my partner during the most recent phase of the Ongoing Major Project.

Unfortunately, I managed to lose it.

Today, during my lunch hour, I stepped in to the store to pretend I could justify buying a leather clipboard. And it turns out that they were selling the pen/flash drive.


Of course I had to buy it. And this time, I will be rigging a device so it is not so easily lost.

Look what I found: Another translator’s blog

September 18, 2008

I was curious as to my blog’s visitors (both of you hold a warm place in my heart), and somehow landed on Jill Sommer’s blog, Musings from an Overworked Translator.

Why I recommend: it contains a good mix of practical and entertaining content. You can justify visits to this blog because you are bound to find something actually beneficial (such as her post on 10 top rules for working from home). And because it offers glimpses into her life outside of translation. Well-rounded individuals make for better translators, don’t you think?

Edited to reflect the actual title of the blog. Thanks, Jill.