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So what did you do last week?

August 26, 2008

Let’s see:

  1. Worked like crazy with my trusty partner on the Major Group Project (which should probably be renamed Ongoing Major Group Project)
  2. Attended the swearing-in ceremony of the newest member of the list of court-certified translators in Nebraska and took many pictures. Most of those are not fit for posting, due to a) not getting anybody to sign a release form or give permission to have his/her picture taken and posted for publication (a bit difficult when you don’t ask) and b) the quality of my camera/my lack of skill in photography. Hey, it’s called Life of a Translator, not Life of a Photographer for good reason.
  3. Gathered with other translators, their loved ones at a dinner to celebrate item 2 over Italian food. Find out exactly how much calamari I can eat. Ponder upon the fact that in a roundabout way, the Major Group Project led to my trying calamari for the first time.
  4. Overheard tales of reverse discrimination from English-Spanish translators who happen to be of non-Hispanic ancestry and have to try harder to establish their credibility and competence. Dang.

In the heat of the night

August 3, 2008

On Friday night, rather late, I started work on a translation. Last night, rather late, I continued work on the same translation. Today, I actually got to glance at the translation.

Oy. Words that don’t exist (coret instead of corte). Dreadful errors in subject-verb agreement that are not worthy of a native speaker. Mind you, this is just an initial draft, but dang!

I’ll be honest. I am not a night owl. I’d rather get up early than stay up late. Back in college, I tried to avoid allnighters because I knew that falling asleep in the middle of a midterm was unproductive.

So, what exactly made me think it would be a good idea now?