Group meeting at my house! AAACK

So, another meeting of the Major Group Project took place. Our first meeting took place at a coffee house with lovely ambiance, Wi-Fi access, and a quiet study area, but burned-tasting coffee. Since my plans for childcare fell through, we had no choice (OK, we had a choice, but all other options were undesirable) but to meet at…



Me confessing to being a poor housekeeper is one thing; inviting a witness to the mess is another. Preparing for the upcoming guest to my place required major cleaning (by my admittedly low standards). And still by the time the other group member arrived…

I better shut up. Despite the squalor, we managed to get some work done.


2 Responses to “Group meeting at my house! AAACK”

  1. jillsommer Says:

    I highly recommend getting on the Flylady bandwagon ( You’ll never be afraid to have people over again. I was introduced to Flylady’s concepts of cleaning your house in just 15 minutes a day by a fellow translator several years ago. I have since recommended her to several other translators who are overwhelmed with work and tend to let the housework slide. Give it a try. It’s free.

  2. Judy Jenner Says:

    Very funny post! While my house is always pretty much in good shape, I did decide to cook a two-course lunch for one of my friends and potential client here in Las Vegas last week. I figured that would give her a nice break from work, it’s cozier than a restaurant, and the food is healthier and better. All this was true, and we had a fabulous lunch, but after spending 45 minutes chopping herbs for my famous orzo/dill/feta salad, I decided I will buy us lunch at a restaurant next time. That way, someone else can wash the dishes, and I can spend more time doing actual translation work.

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