Keeping my opinions to myself

It’s all about first impressions.

I refrain from posting (or at least, I try to) anything I would not want a potential or current employer to find out about myself. I don’t swear, I generally keep my opinions to myself when it comes to controversial subjects  such as politics, religions, or the proper way to hang the toilet paper in the bathroom (in case you need to now, I have no particular preference in the subject. It just has to be there, period. And I apologize for bringing down the level of this posting. Moving on…)

It has recently occurred to me that in the future, I should abstain from issuing opinions on certain incidents that have the potential of providing me with a job opportunity.

Because, what if, after I post all about my righteous indignation about a violent crime involving a Spanish-speaking member of the community, I get asked to interpret for the person(s) involved in said crime? It sounds just wrong, and frankly, I would have to say no. I already say no to more assignments that I would like.

To my blogging peers, tell me: do you censor yourself too? Comment away! You are invited.

3 Responses to “Keeping my opinions to myself”

  1. Marie-Aude Says:

    Well, differently from you. I keep a strict separation between my personnal blog and my pro one. On my pro, there is no politics (sometimes analysis of what’s happening in the country for the travel one…) but I don’t advocate about anything, as I consider my customers must not be confronted to my politic opinions.

    My pro blogs are linked in my personnal one, but not the reverse. On the other hand, as all of them are under my name, they are not difficult to find if someone is curious… but then it’s a different matter, it’s because he is interested in me, and not only in my products.

    Letting know who you are when you’re a free-lancer is also important, because if there is a huge incompatibility between you and a customer, you’ll learn it early enough.

  2. sarahdillon Says:

    It’s inevitable that there will be a certain amount of self-censorship in a blog related to work – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the readers or for the blogger!

    I consider my blog to be the “professional” me, which means I try to keep discussions vaguely related to my life as a translator. I don’t discuss anything that I wouldn’t be prepared to broach at a work dinner, for example, and I never ever make a comment about anybody or any company that I wouldn’t be prepared to say to that person’s face, if asked for an honest opinion. It can be good to practice a bit of self-restraint sometimes (especially if you’re me!!)

    Yes, my blog is an outlet for me to express my opinions and I value being able to say what I think and reveal my personality and values as a result. Ultimately though, I’d like to think that people with different opinions and/or comfort levels to me would still enjoy reading my blog, and maybe even be prepared to come back to it again – in this way, I can reach an even wider audience. If I have to tone things down a bit sometimes to achieve this, then I really don’t mind.

    On the other hand, if I was looking for a place to vent or let off steam, I’d set up an anonymous blog somewhere else… (if I haven’t already 🙂 )

  3. João Paulo Esperança Says:

    Well, I work mainly with Tetum translation, so I try to stay out of East Timorese politics to make sure people won’t judge my work for the opinions I might have, instead of its actual quality and reliability.

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