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Taxed to tears

March 31, 2008

Between work and life, I have had to take some time out to figuring out 2007 taxes. I have gotten close, with help of my loyal accountant, and all I can say is: Oy!

Or better yet: AAAAAAAAAAH!

For a professional in words, I am not being quite eloquent. My apologies.

Has the tax season left you speechless? Tell me (and yes, I am aware of the irony).

This one goes untitled

March 18, 2008

Thanks to all of you who have posted your thoughtful comments on the subject of self-censorship. Both those whose opinions reflect my own and those who don’t. All of you give me something to think about.

I have been working on a series of projects. I would like to think creativity is not a finite resource. Unfortunately, energy and time are.

Keeping my opinions to myself

March 4, 2008

It’s all about first impressions.

I refrain from posting (or at least, I try to) anything I would not want a potential or current employer to find out about myself. I don’t swear, I generally keep my opinions to myself when it comes to controversial subjects  such as politics, religions, or the proper way to hang the toilet paper in the bathroom (in case you need to now, I have no particular preference in the subject. It just has to be there, period. And I apologize for bringing down the level of this posting. Moving on…)

It has recently occurred to me that in the future, I should abstain from issuing opinions on certain incidents that have the potential of providing me with a job opportunity.

Because, what if, after I post all about my righteous indignation about a violent crime involving a Spanish-speaking member of the community, I get asked to interpret for the person(s) involved in said crime? It sounds just wrong, and frankly, I would have to say no. I already say no to more assignments that I would like.

To my blogging peers, tell me: do you censor yourself too? Comment away! You are invited.