Progress report on my 2008 resolution

I promised myself earlier on that I would not complain about my lack of work, but rather, I would do something about it. I can’t say I have been  extremely good about refraining from whining, but at least I’ve managed to keep it off the blog.

Lo and behold, as of this moment, I find myself in the middle of two assignments, an interpreting gig that has been completed and is behind me, and another one waiting for me.

Of course, since I have signed non-disclosure agreements with both entities involved, there is not a whole lot I can share about the assignments.

One of these days, I am going to draft the NDA I would love to see. More for my own amusement than for actual legally-binding purposes.  Stay tuned.


One Response to “Progress report on my 2008 resolution”

  1. Silke Says:

    Mi nombre es Silke, soy de Argentina, y el año que viene, luego de finalizar mi Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas, voy a empezar el Traductorado de Ingles. Buscando por la web encontré tu blog, el cual me encantó!!

    Espero sigas escribiendo, asi puedo saber un poco más de la carrera que elegi para ganarme la vida.


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