Conversation with Mark the Bank Guy

Today, I had to go to the bank to get my new bank card activated. So Mark the Bank Guy and I had the following conversation:

Me: So, you need two pieces of ID, right? (wallet is emptied of receipts from a grocery run conducted two weeks ago)

Bank Guy: (Flabbergasted at the pile of papers) One is fine. So, what other languages do you speak?

Me:  (completely thrown off by this simple question) Uhmn, English and Spanish. . . Say, why do you ask?

Bank Guy: Because it is on your card, see? Translation Service

Me: (silence due to not feeling very smart)

Bank Guy: How does that work? Do you work for a company?

Me: No, this is freelance. I do some freelance projects for companies, and I have done some interpreting in court. I even got to go to jail . . .

Bank Guy: (turns red)

Me: For work! I mean, for work-related reasons!

Bank Guy: Ah, yes,  an important clarification.

The rest of the conversation was not particularly memorable,  but considerably less awkward. Small talk does not come easy to me.


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