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The resolution for 2008

December 29, 2007

No, we are not talking about the ones I usually make, like eating healthier, exercising, being a better housekeeper (stop laughing!). We are talking professional resolutions.

I can’t claim credit for the idea, because today, has a survey titled “Have you made any professional resolutions for 2008?” I realized I had not made any.

So, here it is (deep breath): No more whining about nothing on the pipeline. Not on this blog, and not in real life. Either I will appreciate the hiatus and use the time to study/clean the house (stop laughing!)/complete personal projects, or I will do something about it, like I used to do before I got certified as a court interpreter.

It’s Christmas Eve

December 24, 2007

I have to keep this brief, because I have to finish picking up around the apartment before the husband gets home from work/picking up last-minute gifts.

If you are a translator, and are having to work through the holiday… you have my sympathies. Seriously.

The briefest of updates…UPDATED

December 17, 2007

Note: I wrote this draft over a week ago, on a Saturday 

Tasks to accomplish today:

  1. Add Sarah Dillon’s blog to my blogroll- DONE
  2. Get dressed, get child dressed, and get to the bank. Deposit that payment for that job, and also, get quarters so that laundry can take place.  DONE
  3. Start that new assignment and complete by tomorrow, to the strains of Spongebob Squarepants. Make sure not to type in the words to the theme song.  DONE

Back to nothing on the pipeline… sigh.  I have gotten offers for work I had to refuse, and entertained an offer that has yet to materialize.