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Nothing on the pipeline

November 25, 2007

This is my delicate way of saying that I have no projects coming up. No interpreting assignments, no translation or proofreading projects. I should be thankful, as I will have more time to catch up on my housework knit that really cute sweater.

But honestly? A holiday is not complete without having to figure out how to juggle a deadline AND shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, decorating, eating all the cookies I was going to leave for Santa, etc.

All I am saying is, the time is right.

A word from Freek…

November 18, 2007

Mr. Freek Lankhof, he of InTrans Book Service, he whose first name rhymes with “brake”, has written a letter to the editor for the October 2007 issue of The Chronicle on the subject of independent booksellers.

It is your independent bookseller that gives you personal service and attention, who makes the effort, and pays for the trip to the conference or seminar in your region so that you can check out dictionaries and books before buying them sight unseen.

 Something to think about the next time you want to rush to

I got interviewed…

November 9, 2007

On Thursday, I got a phone call from a UNL journalism student by the name Zach. He was doing an assignment on the judicial system and asked me all sorts of questions. Such as, my educational background, my recommendations for people interested in becoming interpreters… the usual.

As usual in this type of situation, I completely forgot to ask how he found me. Drat. I mean, someone/something must have given him the impression that I know what I am talking about.

On my schedule

November 4, 2007

Tomorrow, I have an interpreting assignment scheduled. As usual, I am bound by the obligations of confidentiality to keep certain details to myself. 

However, nothing is to prevent me from telling you all about my day up until I get to the locale, or after I finish the assignment. I am just saying.

Stay tuned. Wish me luck. Remind me to iron my Pants of Justice and my Shirt of Professional Credibility. Apparently, that has become my uniform of choice for interpreting assignments.