A to-do list for my next assignment

There are some things I need to do in preparation for my next interpreting assignment. Of course, I am leaving out the obvious such as studying terminology likely to come up. I am just mentioning the smaller yet important items:

  1. Assemble and iron (if necessary) a suitable outfit. It must meet the following parameters:
    • Consist of layers, as I have no idea what the location will do with the thermostat. Chances are, it will be freezing outside but roasting on the inside.
    • Include suitable footwear. It must be comfortable, because there will be a lot of of standing involved; look professional, to add to credibility; and be subdued enough not to call attention to itself, because the perfect interpreter is invisible. I guess this adorable pair doesn’t meet the third criteria.
  2. Pack appropriately. My normal tote (crocheted and felted, multicolor, and delightfully quirky) will not get the job done, sadly. I will have to steal my daughter’s overnight bag, which is really a more subdued tote.
    • What to include: a notebook for notetaking. A couple of pens in working condition. A copy of Holly Mikkelson’s The Interpreter’s Companion. Some snacks. Water. A watch.
    • What to exclude: the digital camera I carry around on an everyday basis. Anything that could be mistaken for a weapon, such as my aluminum knitting needles. This is not much of a problem, because I prefer bamboo needles, anyway. 

Wish me luck.


One Response to “A to-do list for my next assignment”

  1. Olli Says:

    May the interpreting be with you, young jedi 😀

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