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International Translation Day

September 29, 2007

Tomorrow, September 30, is International Translation Day (read about the history of that day).

 So tomorrow, take pride in your profession and celebrate. Cake optional.

Cold season

September 18, 2007

I am currently going through yet another cold. Sneezing, headaches, inability to sleep, and at least during Friday, the inability to speak above a squeak.  This proved rather interesting. While I had no interpreting work that day, I did have to go to my day job.  And that requires me to spend most of the day on the phone.

For interpreters, their voices are just as valuable as their language skills.  Nobody wants their interpreter’s speech interrupted by sneezes and hacking coughs, even if he or she is lucky enough to be able to sustain speech. So review these tips.

And if you are sick right now, my sympathies.