Catching up

To whoever was wondering about my lack of posts: relax. I have not been abducted by aliens, disappeared under a pile of laundry, or been consumed by the contents of my produce drawer.

Work at the SGN agency continues to go OK. As far as my freelancing work, it still goes well. I just completed my most recent assignment.

Below is a list of productive things I could do before my next assignment:

  • Take the time to familiarize myself even more with my CAT tools.
  • Organize my TMs (translation memories), files.
  • Clean out my closet.
  • Organize and back up my financial records.
  • Update my website.
  • Cook some healthy, sensible meals and freeze them so that I don’t end up giving my family junk food (“What’s wrong with chips and salsa? You got fiber and you got a vegetable!”) for dinner when I am on deadline.

I am going to end up knitting, of course.

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