Working outdoors

It has been an interesting week, to say the least. At my day job, I got a standing ovation for… disposing of the two big bugs that decided to take over the ladies’ room.

Often, I eat my lunch quickly so that I can spend the rest of my lunch hour knitting. Depending on the weather, I sometimes venture outside with my yarn and needles. But things were alittle different a few days ago. I had some proofreading to do for a freelance assignment. So, I reasoned, why not do it outside?

I quickly discovered that the gentle breezes that make sitting in the shade with my knitting such a pleasant experience don’t necessarily make proofreading enjoyable. The flying pages were rather annoying.

 Plus, I sometimes forgot where I was (outdoors! in public!) and would read my material out loud. This is a good method of proofreading, but it does attract some stares from passersby.


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