Just the fax

I am at a crossroads. Should I bother to retain my eFax service, now that the price is going up?

In the two years I have been freelancing, I have yet to receive a single fax. It is helpful when faxing over a file on my computer (say, an invoice), but not so helpful when faxing a hard copy, as I do not own a scanner. This usually requires me to make a quick trip to my supermarket to use their fax machine at $3.00 a pop.

 I just wonder if it is all that cost-effective.

3 Responses to “Just the fax”

  1. Olli Says:

    Don’t know if I got the point but… why you don’t just buy a multifunction copier? You can find some for quite a nice price (scanner plus printer for around 70€ or so) and the quality is quite good. Once you have the computer, you can fax throught the net by 0€ (only need to pay the internet connection of course) 🙂

  2. Jo-Hanna Says:

    (According to an online converter, http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi, 70 euros is equal to $94.5626 USD).

    What a good use for my next windfall. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. David W Says:

    I use a free service from yac.com to receive faxes which has always worked brilliantly for me. They give me my own fax number which looks like a UK mobile number, and I expect they make their money on the call charges. You can nominate an email to receive faxes, which come as TIF attachments direct to your inbox. You can’t send faxes with the free service, but once you have your scanner you won’t need to.

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