The interpreter’s prayer


Grant me the ability to understand as many terms as I can…

…the serenity to accept the fact that there is no way I can memorize every single vocabulary term in the universe…

…and a strong stomach so that I don’t throw up from nerves.



4 Responses to “The interpreter’s prayer”

  1. Olli Says:

    …the strong stomach too to deal with the twelve mugs of coffee a day XD

  2. Carlos Ferrero Says:

    LOL -pity I didn’t know it when I was studying interpreting. Perhaps my performances would have been better ;o)

    By the way, lots of luck and all the best in your new job!

  3. Manuel Says:

    Try Gizmo Project Area 775, their fax service is great and CHEAP…

  4. ruthie Says:

    I have only been interpretting for 1 year and 4 month’s – I was getting worried – I thought the nerves in my stomach was all in my head.

    Thanks, some times it help’s to know there are other’s that feel the same.

    This job is about knowledge, it isn’t easy.

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