The money has been shown

Without delving into details, I am happy to announce all the people who owed me money for translating projects have paid.

After all this time that I had to say no to interpreting projects due to my day job, an offer has landed on my lap. I will be doing some interpreting in a little over a week.  The case appears simple, but I still need to prepare. Maybe I should start by reading Céline’s Naked Translations.

 And of course, I have nothing to wear. Can I justify purchasing a business suit and awesome pumps as a business expense? Probably not.


2 Responses to “The money has been shown”

  1. transubstantiation Says:

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  2. Kristen Says:

    Johanna—(I hope I spelled your name right)

    I’m wondering if you can recommend some dictionaries to me.. I’m interested in a dictionary of Spanish idioms. I’m also interested in what you think the best all-around spanish dictionary is. My purposes in using both are that…I’ve decided to teach my daughter Spanish, and I want to sound as natural as possible. Granted….I’m aware that there are dozens and dozens of regional differences with the language, but…there’s got to be some out there that are better than others, right?

    email is

    Thank you..

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