Show me the money

Let me tell you a story.

2005  I decide to launch Jo-Hanna C. Goettsche Translations. I manage to score my first job, the translation of a safety manual from Puerto Rican Spanish to English. Normally, any decent translator should only translate into his/her first language. Somehow, I manage to make it work. All 117 pages. I buy Trados. I learn how to use it. I frequently check the OSHA website, take full advantage of how many English terms appear in anything written in Puerto Rican Spanish, work out a schedule so that I make progress while only minimally neglecting my household chores. Somehow, I manage to deliver the job in a timely fashion.

 And then the waiting begins. Seriously, it took like 2 months to get paid. I learned about the importance of invoices, putting the “payment due in 30 days” part in boldface.

It is now 2007. I am waiting for a paycheck for a much smaller job. Stay tuned.

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