Translation here, translation there

I was  hired by the SGN agency because of my fluency in Spanish and English. Translation is not one of my duties over there. However, the other day, I found myself translating a letter, handwritten in Spanish, from a customer. Amazingly, one full page of handwriting became at most, two paragraphs in an e-mail.

 After work, I went to the library where my husband works. He asked me to help out with something. The library carries among its periodicals foreign-language magazines. Apparently, one of the issues arrived in poor condition. I am guessing somebody contacted the publisher to request a replacement. Here is the funny part. The publisher sent a form letter –nah, not even a  letter, a postcard–in Spanish. So my skills as a translator were put into service. My husband joked that I would be sending a bill.

Maybe I should. Oh, I kid.


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