Jo-Hanna got sworn-in

After the ceremony This is how it happened:

Before I leave the house, I realize that my outfit makes me look like a nun. I try to trick myself into believing that nobody is going to be looking at my shoes. Who am I kidding? If I look at people’s shoes, other people look at my shoes.

At my day job at the SGN agency, I, well, conduct my job task to the best of my ability. I gnaw on too many crackers during break time and end up not being hungry at noon, so I end up lunching on a cereal bar. Yum, 140 calories of high-protein goodness!

I end up leaving an hour past the time I agreed to stay, but still in time to get to the courthouse in time. I manage to end up in the wrong building. The volunteer at the front desk fails to find the humor in my asking, “If I am in the wrong building, could you tell me if I am in the right city?”. Then again, it’s not that funny.

I finally get to the right building, go through the metal detector (the assorted junk in my purse does not make it ding), and find the correct courtroom. I make conversation with one of the other interpreters about to get sworn in, who introduces me to her lovely family and the friend who came in to see her get sworn in. Not only is she charming, intelligent, attractive, but additionally, her outfit is impeccable. Great. As if I needed help feeling insecure.

It comes to my attention that my husband is not there. I excuse myself to look for him. Dang it.

The ceremony starts. The three of us interpreters sit in chairs. Our bios are read. Did you know that Raúl climbs mountains? Did you know that Belkin does a lot of volunteer work with the Hispanic community and has been working for the courts for a long time?(Seriously, Raúl and Belkin, if you read this, you should be proud of your accomplishments and you deserve to have great things about you read in public. And Belkin, you need to tell me where you found your shoes). Did you know that I have a degree in mechanical engineering? Did you know my husband is still not in the audience?

The swearing ceremony itself is beautiful. We afffirm that we will be bound by the Nebraska Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters in the performance of our duties. Among other things, we agree to maintain high standards of conduct, independence, and neutrality of the adjudicative system.

The ceremony is over. We are mingling. And my husband shows up! His tardiness is explained by Murphy’s Law: oversleeping + no gas on the car + no change in the meters + leaving the paper with the details at home + assorted other problems = a contrite attitude.

Truth be told, I no longer care that he is late. I don’t care that he missed the ceremony itself. He was there for me before the certification process. He also provided moral support and chauffering services to the actual examination. And to top it all off, he tells me that he is proud of me.

There is mingling,  pictures taken (most of which come out grainy, and provide proof that I am not photogenic), and we bid our good-byes.

And the rest is history.

Photographic evidence!


One Response to “Jo-Hanna got sworn-in”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I’m glad you’re posting about your court interpreting happenings…it gives me something to look forward to!

    Congratulations on getting sworn in.

    Oh…and shoe-watching is pretty much as common as people-watching. No worries.

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