I still have my voice… barely

I do a lot of talking at my Present Job. Pretty much, most of my time is spent on the telephone. I drink a lot of water, but despite this preventative measure, last night I found myself with a sore throat that continues up until now. Dang. Hopefully, it will clear up by Monday. I have always been prone to throat problems. I will need to be more vigilant about those. Throat lozenges and tea with honey and lemon, here we go!

On to better news: it is official. My name appears on the List of Nebraska Supreme Court Certified Court Interpreters, which was updated on November 29, 2006. My profile in proz.com has been updated to include a link to that, so that prospective contractors can verify that.

It is entirely possible I am bragging too much about that. I just woke up my husband to show him a printout of that list.


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