Vik’s Crochet and Knit Translator

As both a translator and a crocheter, Vik’s Crochet and Knit Translator has proved very helpful.

Perhaps some explanations are in turn. British and American crocheters have different names for the same stitches. It appears that Spanish and Argentinians (like Vik) are in the same situation. Not only has she provided an English-Spanish glossary for knitting terms (for the record, knitting and crocheting are NOT the same thing), but she also included a list of crocheting terms in Spanish for Spain AND for Argentina.

And all of this started because I decided to add crocheting terms to my’s glossary. I used Lion Brand‘s instructions on how to crochet to build a vocabulary. Mind you, their Spanish translation leaves something to be desired, such as a proofreader. However, I found it helpful to learn how to call crocheting stitches in Spanish.

Fast forward to me realizing that I had used the Argentinian terms, as opposed to the Spanish terms. (I also find Vik’s blog, by the way). It also appears that the Spanish terms are the most common, if Google can be trusted. Maybe there are more crocheters in Spain than in Latin America? Maybe the translations are mostly done in Spain? Who knows?


2 Responses to “Vik’s Crochet and Knit Translator”

  1. Monika Says:


    […]Vik’s Crochet and Knit Translator « ¿Se habla English? Life of a Translator[…]…

  2. Carla Martin Says:

    I am a crocheter and I would love to find crochet terms like single crochet, double crochet,… Do you know a source?

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