The InTrans Booth at the NATI conference

Today was the last day of the NATI conference. Despite all my fears and burning myself with the iron, I managed to find myself a suitable outfit. There will be further posts about the activities, as soon as I have had some time to collect my thoughts.

But I must discuss InTrans Book Service. They were hosting a booth and displaying some of their fine translation books, including my friend, the DHPD. I ended up buying a Spanish style guide and almost bought another book. First of all, Freek Lankhof, the owner was an absolute sweetie and very helpful. Second of all, if you find yourself talking to him, or about him, don’t embarrass yourself by mispronouncing his name. It sounds like “Frake”, NOT “Freak”.


One Response to “The InTrans Booth at the NATI conference”

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    […] word from Freek… Mr. Freek Lankhof, he of InTrans Book Service, he whose first name rhymes with “brake”, has written a […]

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