Actually achieved in PR

Hello! I am back from my week in PR. Out of all my noble goals, only one was achieved: reading El Nuevo Día. Between my grandmother’s illness and eventual passing away, and my mother informing me that the only decent bookstore in Arecibo closed, no stocking up on reference books was possible. I also tried learning to knit, but I only managed to turn yarn into a jumbled mess of Spaghetti-Os.

However, I actually accomplished a few things:

  • At one point, AMG (my kid) spilled a bottle of hair gel on my little sister’s bedroom floor. I went to pick her up and slipped on a puddle, while holding the kid. Fortunately, the kid was not hurt. I did end up needed to get stitches on my elbow. The tale of “Jo-Hanna visits an ER in Puerto Rico the same night Miss PR wins the Miss Universe Pageant” could have provided unique insights as to the cultural attitudes toward illness. Had I not been so busy pressing a napkin to my already bandaged elbow, I might have taken notes.
  • I did read Rosario Ferré’s Vuelo del Cisne, as well as the English version of Eccentric Neighborhoods.
  • I ate three mofongos. Not in one sitting, although it could have been done.

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