My next gig (marginally related to translation)

Tomorrow I will be going on a trip, where I will be working as an escort interpreter for my most demanding customer: my daughter.

AMG (not her real name) is autistic. She speaks no Spanish. Her English skills are limited. She can ask for juice, cereal, cookies, peanut butter, and other things. She can say mommy and daddy and identify assorted body parts. She can giggle, howl in indignation, shed tears of frustration… all in a five-minute span. She has trouble sustaining eye-contact and flaps her wrists when excited. She will give you hugs and kisses. While she does not speak much, she still communicates. It is my job as her mother to explain her language to the outside world.

She is not paying me though. I guess you can’t quite write up an invoice for “all the love in the world”.

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