Things to do in Puerto Rico

Your average tourism guide can point out great things to do in Puerto Rico. Beaches, nightspots, cuisine, shopping… you name it. However, I suspect that at most, I might go to the beach a couple of times and perhaps eat some mofongo.

While my trip is not exactly a working vacation, I would like for it to be somewhat productive. Below is a list of things I would like to accomplish while over there:

  1. Pay attention to the way people speak, and in particular, the jargon. Consider preparing a glossary to post at (And hopefully, avoid losing my notes along the way).
  2. Read El Nuevo Día every day. Not just the comics, but the real news.
  3. Learn to knit.
  4. Bond with family members, particularly the nieces I haven’t met yet and my younger sister.
  5. Assist with household chores.
  6. Eat sensibly (OK, not realistic).
  7. Discuss my freelance work with anybody who asks, and a few who don’t.
  8. Visit a bookstore and find something to supplement my reference library.

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