Research purposes only!

I have posted already about the reactions I get when I tell people I am a translator. Some context may help.

The circles where I usually find myself chatting with others about my occupation (relatives, my daughter’s school and daycare, places where I run errands) are all located in or near the area where I live: Nebraska, USA. These circles typically consist of people who speak English as their native language.

I will be traveling out of town next month so I can visit my relatives. They live in Puerto Rico, so opportunities to visit are few and far between. So I am curious about the response I will get when I am in my Spanish-speaking homeland and the inevitable question comes up: “What do you do for a living?”

Other unavoidable questions:

  • “Why are you a translator? Did you study for that in college?”
  • “When was the last time you ate codfish fritters/empanadillas de chapín/asopao/mofongo?”
  • “Why doesn’t your daughter speak Spanish?”
  • “You are planning on wearing that? IN PUBLIC?!” (Sí, mami)

One Response to “Research purposes only!”

  1. Josep Tarrés Says:

    I’ve never been in Puerto Rico. So, I don’t know how ‘our situation’ is there.

    What I do know is how translators are seen in Spain.

    Here, people don’t understand why to spend 4 years in the University to “learn English”.

    They don’t understand there’s more in translation than just “knowing languages”.

    That’s why some of my friends and relatives are puzzled when I tell them how much can I earn in one month.

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