Are you easily offended?

There are many requirements for being a translator, beyond knowing two or more languages: attention to detail, easy access to coffee, reference tools, knowledge of special vocabulary, etc.

And apparently, according to a job posted recently at, you need to not be easily offended. The gig asked for a translator to work with the website for an escort service. The description clarified that the site wasn’t “hardcore”. What a relief.

Unfortunately, it appears I am easily offended, so I am not a suitable candidate for translating this website or similar sites. I am mature enough to translate, say, clinical material about human sexuality. It is entirely possible I could translate, say, Cosmopolitan‘s tips to please your man in bed without blushing or giggling like a twelve-year-old. Anything more explicit than that, forget it. I would have to wash, no, boil my hands afterwards.

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