Taking! It! Personally!

Disclaimer: This may or may not actually happened. Most likely it didn’t. In fact, pretend it didn’t.

In my freelance work, the project manager will send me a proofread version of my translation and will ask me to review any changes and accept or reject them, as appropriate. I can look at the indications of my mistakes without viewing them as a personal insult or an affront to my abilities as a translator. If the proofreader points out that I put a comma where, according to Spanish grammar rules, it doesn’t go, I might cringe in embarrassment but that’s it. I move on.

How come I can’t do that at the day job?

Over there, my reactions are not always graceful. Need me to fix a typo or misspelling? No problem; I will do so with a minimum of fuss. Extensive edits? Grudgingly done. Changes so massive in scope that hours have to be spent working on the CAT software? Ooooh…

No innocent bystanders get hurt; they just get bored to tears as I ramble on about how nobody respects the fine art of translation and nobody respects art, period, and that’s why van Gogh cut off his ear and… hey, where are you all going, I AM TALKING HERE! Ingrates! Malagradecidos todos!

EPILOGUE: After typing out all that, Jo-Hanna re-read it to correct typos. She realized she acted like a fool. She was much humbled and pledged to change. And then she had some chocolate and felt better.


One Response to “Taking! It! Personally!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Chocolate is important!!!!

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