Do they cover this at the ATA conference?

WARNING: This post may involve a little TMI (too much information). I apologize to sensitive readers.

Yesterday, I was working on a short-but-sweet assignment that wasn’t quite as simple as I thought. The terminology involved required some research.

To top it off, while doing the research and typing like a madwoman, I am also tending to my daughter. She is not fully potty-trained yet, which makes things very interesting. Say hello to the carpet cleaner! I am supposed to have her go to the potty every fifteen minutes and at least sit a bit. She is not always in the mood for that, and I don’t blame her. If I was in the middle of an activity I enjoy, I too would resent somebody just plucking me and making me sit in an uncomfortable seat.

I have yet to attend a single ATA conference. If I ever do, I would love to lead a discussion on how to balance childcare and work while neglecting neither. Let’s be honest: no client will be very sympathetic if I try to make excuses for glaring mistakes. “But you don’t understand! She had an accident in her pants!”


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