A call to Papi

While completing an assignment on work of a technical nature, I called my dad to consult him on a translation term. Let’s say it was widgets and the Spanish term, “widgetos”

My papi worked as an engineer for the past 40 years. He recently retired. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, an avid reader, has a “different” sense of humor, and is simply awesome and the most personable person in the world. However, based upon telephone conversations with him, I must say the phone simply does not do this man justice.

DISCLAIMER: Although the conversation reproduced below is based on reality, some dramatic license has been taken. Proceed with caution.

“Hey papi.”
“How’s retirement going.”
“It’s like your sister’s godfather says. People call me to do stuff, and I have to look at my schedule and figure whether to cancel my morning nap or my afternoon nap.”
“Papi, I am working on a document about (subject omitted). Have you ever heard of the term widgetos?”
“Yes, I have heard of it.”
“It doesn’t sound..weird?”
“A little. Try widgetidores.”
“You wanna talk to your mami?”


One Response to “A call to Papi”

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