This post contains no whining (Surprise!)

I just completed a very small job for a repeat client and I am happy about that.

I also received another assignment from somebody who heard about me “on the Internet”. Was he talking about my profile at or Translators Cafe? This blog? My official website? I should have asked, but I didn’t want to appear nosy.

I should be less afraid of appearing nosy.

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3 Responses to “This post contains no whining (Surprise!)”

  1. Riccardo Says:

    Ask your customers and your contacts where they found your name: that’s not being nosy – it’s asking for information that’s very useful to you, as which allows you to see what works best to give you exposure and make yourself known on the market.

  2. jo-hanna Says:

    Hi Ricardo, you are right.

    While we are at it, how did you?

  3. Riccardo Says:

    I’ve been looking for translation-related blogs: looked at the blogrolls of other translation blogs, looked in Technorati, etc.
    So I think I found your blog through a link in some other blog (but I don’t remember which one).

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