Life in progress

I had an epiphany yesterday. Translation is my passion and what I want to do. The events that made me realize that are best kept to myself.

In the’s forum, somebody asked about the reactions from others when they find out you are a translator. Pretty much, I get one of three reactions:

  • *blank look*
  • “Really? That’s… nice.”
  • A conversation that confirms that most people don’t know the difference between translation and interpreting.

Among those projects that are vaguely related to translation, I have created yet another Spanish-language blog. It’s called Proyecto Crochet and it is about my crocheting hobby. Its purpose is mainly to showcase my creations (can you call them yours when you merely followed the instructions in a pattern?), but I made it in Spanish to encourage myself to write in Spanish about a subject I am passionate about. As it turns out, I was surprised (not to mention horrified) to learn how limited my crocheting-related vocabulary is. I didn’t know that you don’t call the skeins bolas, you call them ovillos.

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