Translator Tycoon – A Game for The Future!

Have you heard of Tycoon Sim games? Think Roller Coaster Tycoon, Lemonade Tycoon 2, and my favorite, Coffee Tycoon, which I love but am too cheap to buy. Based upon my life as a translator, somebody should design a simulation game called Translator Tycoon. The objective: become a successful freelance translator.

You must submit bids and complete translation jobs. You will be offered assignments and you must decide, based upon your workload and skill level, if you are able to complete them. If you wish, you can continue your education by attending workshops, or pursue certification, which could lead to higher-paying jobs.

Your income will grow as your clients pay for jobs completed in time. Your expenses include Internet access, CAT software, membership to professional associations, phone and fax bills, etc.

As in real life, disasters can happen. Your computer dies. Your client doesn’t pay you. You could even get sued! But unlike real life, you can opt out of these mishaps.

To any video game designers out there: if you ever create such a game, I demand credit, but will be satisfied with money.

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