Blogging vs. Translation

I would like to think that I am not a one-trick pony. In addition to posting bids for translation jobs, I am also considering becoming a writer.

I have done research on how to make money blogging. The idea of being paid to do what I currently do for free (this blog is a labor of love) is very attractive.

Translation is not a hobby for me. It’s my job. I have invested in the software, I have attended workshops, I have joined professional associations, and I try to stay informed about the industry.

Blogging is, at this time, still a hobby. I am committed to blogging every day (or at least try) and to make sure I write about translation: translation news, the developments in my career, languages. At first it was difficult to write every day, and I sometimes struggle with finding a topic, but I am proud of myself for doing so for the last two months.

Hopefully, I will be able to continue doing both.

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One Response to “Blogging vs. Translation”

  1. irina Says:

    If I don’t have a topic I don’t write until I have one… You said it: it is a hobby, not a job or duty…
    But your every day posts are interesting so I guess it’s worth struggleing a little bit.
    And yes, it is attractive to get paid for what you like doing…

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