February 2006 issue of the ATA Chronicle

Yesterday, two magazines arrived in my post office box. One of them is inmensely popular, features glossy spreads of movie stars, and disseminates gossip. However, Entertainment Weekly has nothing to do with translation, so I am left with the propspect of discussing the ATA Chronicle.

Among other articles, it featured an article by Janet Bonet, former president of NATI (Nebraska Association for Translators & Interpreters) titled “O! Pioneers: A Commentary on Nebraska’s Translators and Interpreters”. I must quote this small passage from her article:

I take pride in my Nebraska colleagues who have accomplished so much with so little, forging ahead on extraordinary strength of will, scant resources, and little, albeit increasing, respect from our coastal colleagues. […]We ask only for an appreciation of the fact that our road to professionalization is different, and in many ways more difficult, incomparison to those in sectors of the U.S. where an educational and social infrastructure supportive of language service providers has been in place for decades.

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