Searching for "miel de colza, anyone? A few tips

Yesterday, a co-worker asked me to find the Spanish term for “rapeseed honey”, a term related to honey production. The awkward thing was that he was referring to it without writing the “seed” part of the word. In the word of apiculture (beekeeping), this is correct, but I had never heard of rape honey, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

It took me a while to realize that he was talking about rapeseed, also known as colza in other parts of the world, a term without any ugliness attached to it. So I went to, like I normally do in this cases. No such luck. Next, I tried searching under Google for “rape honey”, thinking limiting a search to THAT exact text string would filter out potentially obscene sites from my search. Ha! It helped, but it did not block out EVERYTHING. Without going into further details, there are some things about human nature and their desires I could have lived without learning more about.

What might help other prudes like me in the future? I should have added a keyword to my search, such as “beekeeping” or “apiculture”. Everything ended up well, however, and I found a term (miel de colza) I could add to my Glossary in

Just something to keep in mind if you frequently use Google to find out terms in other languages.

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One Response to “Searching for "miel de colza, anyone? A few tips”

  1. irina Says:

    You should try the Wikkipedia sometimes, because it not only gives you a good definition but it explains about types and even contexts where you can find it. For example I didn’t know how to say “freight train” in English, so I just typed train and they gave me all the information I needed. And you are definitiely safe, no XXX sites there! Besides it can be read in different languages, so I do think it’s incredibly useful to a translator…

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