Jo-Hanna’s 15 minutes of fame are up

I found this message from ProZ in my e-mail today:

Hello Jo-Hanna Goettsche,

Within a few minutes of the time this message was sent (19
Feb 10:47 GMT), you will have become the “featured pro” at This means that it was your (randomly assigned)
turn to have your profile image on display on the
home page. In other words, as one member jokingly put it,
you will have had your proverbial “15 minutes of fame”.

If a few minutes have passed, but fewer than 15 minutes,
you will be able to see yourself featured; see:

Thank you for using and supporting

Regards, Team

This was awesome, mind you. Unfortunately, by my estimation, this was around 4:47 AM in my particular time zone. So I didn’t get a chance to see my mug in all its glory. Bummer.

Technorati tags: translation, publicity, ProZ


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