Translation of "nostrils": Fun with KudoZ

So, somebody at posted a question about the proper translation for “nostrils“.

I replied with “fosas nasales”, the term I am familiar with. (Note: I am not a certified medical translator).

Nine people agreed with my translation. One person didn’t.

Which one do you think I remember?

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One Response to “Translation of "nostrils": Fun with KudoZ”

  1. Sheena María Says:

    I looked up ‘nostrils’ in my Webster’s New World and it gave me ventana de la nariz (as well as ollar). And when I looked up fosas nasales it said ‘nasal cavities’, which seemed to be not quite the same. So then I went to Merriam-Webster online and saw “either of the external nares”. That definition sounds more like ventanas than fosas. Wouldn’t you agree?

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