A translator should be patient

Last month, I sent a letter of interest to an agency, listing my rates, the software in my computer, etc. A few days ago, the XYZ Agency (thus named to avoid breaching confidentiality) responded to my query. It appears they are interested in my services for a small project.

Pros of doing this assignment:

  • Experience
  • The income.
  • Increasing my base of clients.
  • The project is small enough that I can complete it in my spare time. This is important, as I do not wish to neglect my primary job.

Potential cons:

  • For as long as I am working in this project, my housework will probably suffer. I really don’t mind, but my family does.
  • The What ifs. Some are rational, most of them are not. What if… it turns out I am not as knowledgeable about the subject matter? What if… TRADOS refuses to cooperate? What if… the agency does not care for my translation and proceeds to not just reduce/withold payment. Hopefully, now that I have expressed these idiotic fears, I will have nothing to worry about.

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