An interesting phone call this morning

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, the phone rang. Of course, I automatically thought somebody died/was sick/there was a snow day at school (it has been unseasonably warm here in Lincoln).

The caller in question was phoning from Europe. He asked if I could translate Russian. It broke my heart to admit that no, I can’t translate Russian. I referred him to a contact that could possibly help him out.

I suspect my caller wanted an interpreter, not a translator. This seems to be a common misunderstanding. I do not provide interpreting services at this moment.

But why would anybody think I can translate Russian?

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3 Responses to “An interesting phone call this morning”

  1. Jeff Pioquinto,SJ Says:

    nice blog. thanks

  2. jo-hanna Says:

    Hello Jeff; thanks for your kind comments. I love the pictures in your own page.

  3. The difference between translating and interpreting « ¿Se habla English? Life of a Translator Says:

    […] difference between translating and interpreting I have posted before about how I am often mistaken for an […]

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