10% chance of translation

The translation of the newsletter has been postponed by other job tasks, most of them completely unrelated to translation. For the purposes of this post, I am counting those three-sentences-long e-mails as translation, even if they were hardly exciting.

Boredom is an occupational hazard. Let’s face, I don’t have a disclaimer on my website or my profile at ProZ.com stating that I will only translate fascinating, entrancing subject matter. And I would like to think that I am professional enough to translate both interesting material AND dull texts to the best of my ability.

Truth be told, I prefer the challenging yet interesting ones, requiring me to check ProZ.com, Google, dictionaries, and do some research. I also have a fond memory of translating a rather wacky Japanese-to-English translation to Spanish. Think back to the latest instruction manual you read that left you scratching your head as you tried to make out the awkward syntax and phrasing, and you will get an idea. At least it gave me a good story.


2 Responses to “10% chance of translation”

  1. blooms today Says:

    blooms today

    10% chance of translation | ¿Se habla English? Life of a Translator

  2. visit Says:


    10% chance of translation | ¿Se habla English? Life of a Translator

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